Childhood memories tainted by an ever present negative body image.


A beautiful bed of freshly fallen snow blankets the ground and sparkles in the moonlight.

The essence of smoke wafts in the air from nearby fireplaces.

The trees look like cookies with the frosting of snow.

A newly made snowman is holding the leash of his snow dog.

A sled is dragged on the ground tainting the pristine flat snow.


The sled swiftly goes down the hill carrying a young child.

She feels like she is flying.

The slide comes to a stop at the bottom of the hill.

Holding the string of the sled, the child drags it back up the hill.


She remembers her fun ride, but now realizes how far she has to walk.

She notices her heavy breathing and how warm she feels in the 25 degree weather.

She remembers her heavy dinner weighing in her stomach.

She remembers how she was going to drink hot chocolate after sledding,

It some how no longer feels like a good idea.


Maybe she could have it without marshmallows.

Maybe she should just have tea.

It is time to go back now.

She does not want to leave.


And it is not because of the fun she was having,

Or the fond memories she was making,

But because she wants to be able to walk up the hill without her body dragging her down.